Robbie Williams’ ‘Heavy Entertainment Show’ LP To Contain The Killers, Ed Sheeran Collabs

Robbie Daw | September 26, 2016 1:18 pm

Twenty years into his solo career, Robbie Williams is set to unleash his 11th studio LP, Heavy Entertainment Show, on November 4. The title track is a brass-filled, tongue-in-cheek affair — containing lines like “I’m about to strip and you’re my pole” and “I’ve got a house in L.A., I’m still paying for it” — that was released on Sunday (September 25).

The album will mark Williams’ first since 2013’s Swings Both Ways, a sequel of sorts to the British singer’s 2001 effort Swing When You’re Winning. Longtime collaborator Guy Chambers was on board for production duties with Heavy Entertainment Show, but the album also sees writing collaborations with Stuart Price (who co-wrote the track “Bruce Lee,” and previously produced Progress, the 2010 Take That album Williams took part in), Ed Sheeran (“Pretty Woman”) and all of the members of The Killers (“Mixed Signals”).

Additionally, Rufus Wainwright features on the track “Hotel Crazy,” while John Grant appears on “I Don’t Want To Hurt You,” a cut off the deluxe edition of the album. Curiously, it looks like that Adam Lambert duet Robbie floated out there last year never materialized. Likewise, that recent pair-up with Kylie Minogue didn’t make the cut, either.

“I was musing over the phrase ‘light entertainment’ – all the huge TV shows from when I was a kid, 30 million people watching them, this huge shared experience of these moments called light entertainment,” Williams says in a press release. “Sometimes it can be leveled at people in a bad way, but for me that’s heavy entertainment. That’s what I’m hoping to do with this album – to have a shared experience with millions of people though the medium of light entertainment…but on steroids.”

Catch the Heavy Entertainment Show tracklist below.

Standard edition:

1. Heavy Entertainment Show 2. Party Like A Russian 3. Mixed Signals 4. Love My Life 5. Motherfucker 6. Bruce Lee 7. Sensitive 8. David’s Song 9. Pretty Woman 10. Hotel Crazy (Featuring Rufus Wainwright) 11. Sensational

Deluxe edition:

12. When You Know 13. Time on Earth 14. I Don’t Want To Hurt You (Duet With John Grant) 15. Best Intentions 16. Marry Me

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