Zayn Malik Poses For ‘High Snobiety,’ Talks Fame & Fashion

Mike Wass | September 27, 2016 5:01 pm
Zayn Malik Is Releasing An Autobiography
Book club? Zayn Malik is releasing an autobiography in November. Find out more.

Another day, another magazine shoot for Zayn. The highly-photogenic crooner’s latest modeling gig? A High Snobiety cover. He rocks a puffy, embroidered denim jacket that would look ridiculous on anyone else and gives a Tyra-worthy smize. As for the accompanying interview, the “Pillowtalk” chart-topper opens up about fame and fashion. “I hate the word celebrity,” he says of the former. “I think it’s a dangerous road to go down, thinking of yourself as a celebrity, because then you somehow automatically think that label makes you superior to other people.”

“Some people just want to hang around you because they know your name, so they think that means they know you, and I can see through that bullshit a mile off.” Zayn was also asked about his approach to fashion during his stint in One Direction and didn’t hold back. “We were literally meant to ask permission before we changed our hair or like, grew a beard,” he says. “It was ridiculous.” As for the break-up? “I knew there would be a big reaction in the press, because there was so much attention on us at that point, but I had no idea how fans would react.” Click through his latest shoot up top.

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