Hopefully This Isn’t As “Good As It Gets” For Daniel Skye

Mike Wass | September 30, 2016 6:17 pm
Jacob Sartorius' Sunny "Hit Or Miss" Video
Jacob Sartorius cycles around Venice Beach in his sunny "Hit Or Miss" video.

The leap from social media sensation to pop star isn’t easy. For every Troye Sivan or Shawn Mendes, there are a hundred bold souls that fall short. On the strength (or weakness) of his major label debut single, Daniel Skye seems destined for the latter fate. “Good As It Gets” isn’t terrible. It’s just terribly generic. From the wannabe-baller lyrics (“started with a little bit, now I got a lot/lately I been going and I don’t wanna stop”) to the cliche-ridden video, everything about this feels tired.

It’s almost as if the 16-year-old has jumped straight to Purpose-era Justin Bieber without passing through the My World and Believe stages of artistic development. As a result, “Good As It Gets” seems forced and inauthentic. On the bright side, Daniel has one major advantage over the majority of social media stars with music aspirations. He can actually sing. The teenager just needs to find better material and stop acting like a juvenile G-Eazy impersonator in his videos.

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