Lady Gaga Announces Dive Bar Tour

Christina Lee | October 2, 2016 11:03 am
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Lady Gaga has announced a tour to promote her upcoming fourth solo album Joanne. But the pop superstar isn’t performing at arenas.

This time, she will perform at three dive bars across the United States on October 5, 20, and 27. Bud Light, this tour’s sponsor, will host a live stream of this week’s concert on its Facebook page at a time to be announced.

Lady Gaga’s dive bar tour will also feature the live debut of “Million Reasons” — one of three Joanne songs co-written by Hillary Lindsey (“Jesus Take the Wheel”).

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Mother Monster is choosing to perform at dives for several reasons. To start, that choice in venue nods to Joanne‘s “raw Americana” vibe, as she tells the Associated Press, as well as how she got her start in music while opening for Semi Precious Weapons, as told to Yahoo! Music.

“I dragged my piano down the stairs, and I went down the street with my keyboard and I would go to every different dive bar that I could get to agree to let me play,” Gaga tells PEOPLE. “I’d call and pretend I was Lady Gaga’s manager.”

A 15-second promo (below) allows us to imagine what those early days might have looked like. Gaga, dressed in denim cutoffs and a t-shirt, unloads her guitar from a pickup truck before walking into a dive, nodding to the doorman along the way.

Meanwhile, Gaga says she also hopes Joanne connects with listeners that she hadn’t reached with her previous work.

“I really wanted to reach that girl in the crowd who’s got a kid in her hand and two kids running around her and a glass of beer in the other and she’s crying her eyes out with heirloom jewelry on from her grandma,” she said to PEOPLE.

[via Associated Press]

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