Grimes Just Dropped Four ‘Art Angels’ Videos

Carl Williott | October 5, 2016 2:42 pm

Hard to believe, but Grimes‘ Art Angels is almost one year old. And ahead of the November 6 anniversary of the alt-pop opus, she has released four new music videos, for album cuts “World Princess Part II,” “Butterfly,” “Belly Of The Beat” and the Aristophanes-assisted “Scream.”

In a note posted on Twitter, Grimes explains that the videos, plus three others for her pal/collaborator HANA, were made by the two artists along with her brother Mac Boucher over a two-week stretch during their European tour. “They are guerrilla style vids, a la realiti, so there was no crew, makeup, cameras, lights,” she wrote. “Just us and a phone, so maybe don’t expect anything too fancy. That said, we’re really proud of what we made.”

Despite the limited resources and condensed timeline, they’re loaded with memorable imagery that stands up to any of her previous outings. Watch all seven visuals below.