Daya Marks The Release Of ‘Sit Still, Look Pretty’ With Emotional Letter

Mike Wass | October 6, 2016 8:17 pm
Daya Interview
We speak to 16-year-old Daya about smash hit "Hide Away" and new music.

Daya seemingly came out of nowhere to land a hit with forever-alone bop “Hide Away” in 2015. Instead of fading away, the teenager followed it up with a huge collaboration with The Chainsmokers (“Don’t Let Me Down”) and girl-power anthem “Sit Still, Look Pretty.” The 17-year-old’s debut LP drops tomorrow (October 7) and she celebrated the milestone by posting an emotional letter to fans on Twitter. “I remember being jus a lil baby, naive and inexperienced, trying not to drown at the time, trying to stay afloat amongst everyone else in the industry,” she wrote.

“I had 0 clue how to perform, how to sing without hiding behind a piano, how to even be comfortable with myself. i was fresh out of my junior year of high school and had one song, hide away, the little engine that could,” Daya continues. “There were more mess ups and terrible shows than i could count in the beginning but i’ve learned not to be so hard on myself — that it’s all part of the process & those will probably still happen every once in a while.” She then expressed her gratitude to fans.

“What also has been huuuge in fueling me & keeping me afloat throughout all this is you guys. i prolly don’t say it enough, but yall are incredible,” Daya penned. “My debut album is out tomorrow (tonight) & i have never been more excited/ready for something of mine in my life. everything i’ve done so far has been building up to this point. but it’s not about to be just mine anymore, it’s about to be all of yours. can’t wait for you guys to take it in and hopefully love it as much as i do. thank u for all bein apart of my journey, this is still on the beginning.” Read the note in full below.

Daya’s emotional tweet:

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