Britney Spears’ Umbrella Meltdown Recreated For Lifetime Biopic: Watch

Carl Williott | October 7, 2016 9:55 am

Lifetime is in the midst of filming a Britney Spears biopic (which Britney does not have anything to do with), and the biggest buzz of course surrounds how the Britney TV movie will handle her 2007 shaved head meltdown. And now we have a small look at it. Natasha Bassett plays Spears, and TMZ of course got some footage of the crew filming a bald Bassett recreating Britney’s umberella paparazzi car attack.

And based on the footage, they didn’t even try to make it authentic. The real incident took place outside a gas station, but this one is in the middle of a street with the car surrounded by a throng of photogs — an odd choice, since just about anyone who would even watch this movie vividly remembers seeing the real thing.

In addition to that, after getting a glimpse of the actor playing love interest Justin Timberlake, the whole fictionalized *NSYNC has been revealed. Somehow they look even more ridiculous than the real thing.

The Britney special is set for 2017 on Lifetime.