Nicole Scherzinger’s 2011 Power Ballad “Pretty” Finally Leaked

Mike Wass | October 10, 2016 3:53 pm
Nicole Scherzinger Mixtape?
The singer's manager hints that she is about to drop some unreleased material.

It’s not easy being a Nicole Scherzinger fan. Between the multiple shelved albums and extended delays, you learn to be grateful for every little tidbit. (Even if it’s a two second cameo on a charity single). That makes the arrival of “Pretty” something of a big deal. Produced by Babyface, the power ballad was originally intended for the US release of Killer Love. The 38-year-old even performed it on X Factor way back in 2011, which won the song a cult following and a reputation as something of a lost gem.

“I would love [fans] to [hear them] because I think my fans would appreciate them and would be able to connect with them,” Nicole enthused about her many scrapped hits when I interviewed her in 2014, before mentioning “Pretty” in particular. “There’s a couple of real gems in there. But I’m grateful for that process, because it’s what’s gotten me here. Kenny did that. He’s amazing, he wrote that song. I’m not gonna lie, it’s disheartening to me too because we put so much work into it.” Well, it’s finally here and you can stream it over at Digital Spy. Now how about some new material?

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