Trump Slams Singer Emily West’s Skin In ‘Apprentice’ Transcript, Cyndi Lauper Claps Back

Robbie Daw | October 10, 2016 5:43 pm

Much like Nancy O’Dell last week, country singer Emily West has now found herself the subject of Donald Trump‘s alleged crude remarks way after the fact, according to what the Huffington Post is claiming is an unearthed transcript of an un-aired bit on the ninth season of The Apprentice. The episode in question, titled “Beauty And Brains,” originally aired on April 18, 2010, and featured two teams of celebrities making over then-largely unknown country singers Luke Bryan and West.

According to the Huffington Post, the transcript reveals the following comments made by Trump in a boardroom meeting to Cyndi Lauper and her team, tasked with making over West, about the budding country star’s skin: “I assume you’re gonna leave this off, don’t put this shit on the show, you know. But her skin, her skin sucks, okay? I mean her skin, she needs some serious fuckin’ dermatology.”

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Lauper, per the Huffington Post, interjected to explain that they used “dry stuff” ― presumably, makeup ― and said Trump was objecting to something that was “not her skin.”

“Fuck,” Trump replied. “That’s Emily, that’s what I’m hearing about? Let me see the other one. I assume you’re not putting this on the show. ‘Cause I don’t wanna destroy the kid’s career.”

Apparently upon seeing Bryan’s makeover, Trump said, “Personally, I am, as you probably heard, not a gay man, but I think he’s better looking that [sic] Emily okay?”

Trump asked country artist and the episode’s guest judge, Trace Adkins, for his thoughts on the brochures that each team produced. Adkins allegedly replied, “Well I um, I, I think the one they did for Emily is a little more polished looking.”

“You’re obviously not a skin man,” Trump said, according to the Huffington Post, before pounding the table and adding, “which is okay. I wish I wasn’t.”

Though it’s not nearly as damning as the obscene comments Trump made about Nancy O’Dell to former Access Hollywood host Billy Bush in a 2005 tape that leaked late last week, the transcript does serve as quite a “get” for the Huffington Post, as Apprentice producer Mark Burnett, said to be a Trump supporter, has reportedly threatened to sue any current or former employees who signed a non-disclosure agreement and leak footage or outtakes from the series.

As for Cyndi Lauper, she confirmed that Trump’s quotes are legit by telling the Huffington Post the following:

“Yes, of course [he said that]. Of all people to talk about people’s skin! What the hell is going on with his? That’s the way he is. It is just very disappointing. There [Hillary Clinton] is [during Sunday night’s debate], and he is walking behind her like he’s a thug. And he’s talking to her and her husband like that. And it’s like, who are you? How dare you? He’s a reality star and he has low-lifed our entire political system that is so 1800 gangs of New York.”

Per the Huffington Post, Donald Trump and Emily West never actually met in person. “Trace Adkins approved of me,” West told the site, upon learning of the Apprentice star’s comments about her. “I’m good.”

The presidential election is less than one month away, on November 8th. Let’s get this damn, tragic thing over with already.

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