The Chainsmokers Think “Perfect Illusion” Sucks

Carl Williott | October 11, 2016 4:41 pm

Lady Gaga‘s new era has been polarizing, and not in the way a Gaga era is supposed to be polarizing. Usually it’s broken down by “she’s exhausting/annoying” and “she’s daring/exciting.” Not this time. This time, listeners are embroiled in the age old debate of “her new music is good” vs. “her new music is bad.” And The Chainsmokers know which side of the fence they’re on.

In a new story with Rolling Stone, the hit-making duo of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart offer up their opinions on Gaga’s Joanne leader “Perfect Illusion.” Here’s the whole exchange:

“It sucks,” Pall says. Taggart, more diplomatic, says, “She’s a great artist – like, Jeff Koons made a sculpture of her.  . . .”

“I agree,” Pall says. “And a lot of talented people worked on that song. But…” he trails off, scrunching up his nose like something’s gone rancid on the seafood tower.

This will surely start a pop stan flame war. But maybe it’s not actually that big a deal because it’s maybe the right take? “Perfect Illusion,” it might suck, it might not. The point is, it’s definitely in that gray zone. Same goes for The Chainsmokers (on a personal level, I think for sure that those dudes suck). So maybe this boils down to a “takes one to know one”/”pot kettle black” type situation.

What’s your take? Tell us in the comments, then read the whole interview here.