Selena Gomez Reportedly Returns To Rehab For Mental Health Treatment

Carl Williott | October 12, 2016 12:23 pm

Selena Gomez has reportedly checked into rehab again for mental health treatment. Back in August, she canceled the remainder of her tour due to “anxiety, panic attacks and depression” stemming from lupus. Us Weekly reports that multiple sources have confirmed she’s been in a treatment facility outside Nashville since that August 30 announcement.

“Selena is dealing with lupus, but this break is to focus on her mental health,” one of the sources told the magazine. “She can go to a very dark place.”

Gomez entered rehab for similar issues in 2014. But in the intervening years, the pop music world has opened up when it comes to mental health. Whereas in the old days a star maybe would’ve been labeled a “headcase” (remember the Britney “meltdown”?) or provided a cover story like “exhaustion” (not that stars don’t actually suffer from exhaustion when they give that as the reason), recently there’s been a surge in artists speaking candidly about mental health issues. Just last week, Kid Cudi checked himself into rehab for depression and “suicidal urges” after explaining his struggle in a brutally honest Facebook note, and Zayn Malik has been up front about his battle with “extreme” anxiety.

Here’s hoping Selena gets the treatment and time off that she needs.