Annabel Jones’ Arty And Confronting “Not Today” Video: Premiere

Mike Wass | October 13, 2016 10:00 am
Annabel Jones Talks Debut EP 'Libelle'
We speak to Annabel Jones about her debut EP 'Libelle' & bittersweet pop.

Annabel Jones’ debut EP, Libelle, is the gift that keeps on giving. Four of the five songs have been promoted in some capacity via videos or remixes, making it something of a multimedia project. The best starting point for mainstream pop fans is probably “IOU” (brace yourself for the crazy cat lady video) or the deliciously melancholy “Happy.” However, the Brit really comes into own when she veers into more offbeat and ethereal territory. Like on brilliant buzz track “Magnetic” or new single “Not Today.”

The video for the latter arrives today (October 13) and it’s a lot to take in. The glamorous chanteuse quietly observes a couple having sex in a dark room while eyeing her boyfriend across the room. That sounds a little porn-tastic but it’s deeper than that. “The ‘Not Today’ video is about feeling like an outsider in your own relationship, watching things crumble and feeling like you don’t know how to hold on,” Annabel explains. “Some people might find the video vulgar, but for me it’s incredibly cathartic.” It’s also emotionally hyperreal.

“The man in the video wasn’t an actor, he was my former partner, and the young couple in the video were very, very much in love. Everything you see is real and I’m proud of that.” As for the song itself? “It’s about living in other people’s darkness, growing up in other people’s pain and then seeking out relationships that are a continuation of that cycle.” We’re excited to premiere the NSFW visual up top. If you haven’t checked out Libelle yet, dive into the diva’s darkly beautiful pop world below.

Listen to Annabel’s Libelle EP:

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