Captain Cuts Drop Debut Catchy Single “Love Like We Used To”

Mike Wass | October 13, 2016 5:37 pm
Walk The Moon interview
The foursome is on a mission to revive the fist-pumping greatness of '80s pop/rock.

The name Captain Cuts might be new to you, but you’ve definitely heard the trio’s music. From WALK THE MOON’s “Shut Up And Dance” to Broods’ “Are You Home,” Ben Berger, Ryan McMahon and Ryan Rabin have produced some of the best pop songs of the last four or five years. The guys recently decided to step out from behind the boards and release music of their own. Which seems like a great idea given the quality of “Love Like We Used To.”

Captain Cuts’ debut single is an unashamedly romantic and radio-friendly earworm. “I ain’t afraid to call you, I’ll pick you up at 9,” Nateur (AKA singer/songwriter Nate Cyphert) croons over mellow synths. “Meet your daddy and your mama in my suit and tie.” Throw in a sing-along chorus and more hooks than your average Home Depot, and it’s not surprising to learn that LA Reid signed them to Epic Records on the strength of this song alone. “Love Like We Used To” impacts pop radio on October 31 and sounds like a hit.

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