An Update On Zara Larsson’s Debut Album: “It’s Coming Very Soon”

Mike Wass | October 14, 2016 7:48 pm
Zara Larsson's "Ain't My Fault" Video
Zara performs magic tricks and looks flawless in fiery "Ain't My Fault" video.

Zara Larsson recently sat down with Heat Radio’s James Barr and gave fans an update on the status of her international debut LP. “It’s coming very soon… I really wanna tell you guys,” the Swedish diva said with a trace of frustration in her voice. “It’s ready. It’s done. We have the artwork, but we don’t have the name — but it’s there just waiting to be released.” Can she be more specific? “It’s definitely this year, it’s soon.” The break-out star also opened up about the album’s eclectic sound.

“I’m really excited to release my album ’cause I feel like there is… different sounds on it,” the 18-year-old explained. “I think everyone would like at least one song on it. There’s something for everybody. I’m trying to mix the sounds a little ’cause I don’t wanna do just R&B, just ballads or just super pop ’cause I do love all types of music.” Interestingly, Zara revealed that current single “Ain’t My Fault” originally had very different lyrics.

“The original lyrics was different,” she shared. “Me and MNEK wrote it really quick and fast, everything was going smooth per usual, and we were just having fun and the first lines in the original demo is: ‘It ain’t my fault your man’s calling my phone, it ain’t my fault you can’t keep him at home, it ain’t my fault I give him what you don’t.” To be honest, that sounds kind of amazing. You can listen to/watch the full interview below.

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