Lady Gaga Talks ‘Joanne’ & Living Life As “A Theater Piece” In ‘NYT’ Interview

Carl Williott | October 17, 2016 1:22 pm

This week it happens. Lady Gaga finally puts ARTPOP behind her and puts the Tony Bennett partnership and acting roles back into the “side hustle” pile with the release of her new album Joanne on October 21. So she’s in a promo full-court press: There’s another SNL stint coming up this weekend, the Super Bowl Halftime Show a few months away and today a cover feature for New York TimesT Magazine declaring “the inscrutable pop performer reveals her most arresting character yet: herself.”

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There are tasteful black-and-white photos accompanying the piece. There’s a ruminative video to go along with it. It is all signaling the return (and/or debut) of Lady Gaga: Human Artist with Human Feelings. And here’s some of the new stuff we learned in the interview about that artist.

*She recorded the album at Electric Lady Studios in New York City.

*She filmed the process for a documentary about Joanne.

*She was discovered at age 13 when singing to herself while shopping.

*She says, “My whole life is a theater piece.”

*She says, “The justice system is broken. I have seen what I’ve gone through with [the LBGT community], or what I feel I’ve gone through with them on a spiritual level. When there’s justice and change, you start to see the cleansing of the soul and that is what I want for people, and I hope it’s okay for me to say those things.”

Read the whole interview right here.