James Franco Sued For Allegedly Head-Butting Photographer At Lana Del Rey Concert

Carl Williott | October 18, 2016 10:56 am

You would think a Lana Del Rey concert would be a pretty chill affair, considering Lana’s performative malaise and how sway-able all her songs are. You would think. But I’ve been in the middle of a Lana crowd and it was a chaotic nightmare scrum. Exhibit 2: Lana’s pal James Franco is being sued for allegedly head-butting a photographer at a one of her shows.

TMZ reports that photographer David Tonnessen says he was snapping pics during Del Rey’s 2014 concert at Hollywood Forever Cemetery when Franco head-butted him in the stomach. (How do the physics of that even work?) Tonnessen reportedly claims he was hospitalized and suffered “permanent injuries.” He’s suing for medical expenses and other damages.

Right around the time of the alleged incident, Franco and Lana were hanging out quite a bit, and Franco would soon begin writing essays, poetry and a shelved book about the singer.