You Can Own Justin Bieber’s Used Milk Glass (Bidding Is Currently At $81,000)

Carl Williott | October 18, 2016 3:15 pm

Last week in The UK in between shows on his Purpose Tour, Justin Bieber ducked into a hotel pub for a quick meal of salmon and milk, which is objectively gross. And an employee from that pub swiped the used glass and put it on eBay, which is also gross. So now you have a chance to do something gross with your money and own a gross piece of Bieber history.

“I work at the kings oak hotel where Justin bieber was seen yesterday having dinner and we kept his milk glass, it hasn’t been washed !” the listing reads. OK so it’s not totally gross because, as Mashable points out, the proceeds are going to charity. The starting price was £10 (about $12). As of this writing, it’s up to £65,900 (roughly $81,029), and bidding is still open for 2.5 more days.

So if you have a vault of cash you’re looking to waste, have at it. There are certainly worse ways to spend your money.