Sky Ferreira Cast In Jonas Åkerlund’s Movie About Norwegian Black Metal

Carl Williott | October 21, 2016 9:45 am

Sky Ferreira is pretty busy these days, with a new album in the works, a Playboy cover and a role on the Twin Peaks reboot around the corner. And now she lands a spot in a new movie from famed music video director Jonas Åkerlund, Deadline reports. He recently handled the Lemonade visuals, but this next project, Lords Of Chaos, is about as a thematically different from the Beyoncé one as possible: It’s about infamous and influential Norwegian black metal band Mayhem.

You know when you hear all that scary stuff your parents warned you about with heavy metal? The animal sacrifice, the bloodlust, the corpse paint? That’s this. The band formed in 1984, and by 1993 one member had committed suicide, one member had murdered another member and they’d been tied to a string of church burnings.

No word yet on how Sky’s character plays into all this. Check out the film’s poster below.