Zella Day’s “Man On The Moon” Is A Psychedelic Dream

Mike Wass | October 21, 2016 6:01 pm

It’s time to stop sleeping on Zella Day. While most of her contemporaries jump from trend to trend, she’s carving out her own niche with widescreen, sun-dappled desert-pop. The 21-year-old’s excellent debut LP, Kicker, is a testament to her unique vision, but she’s not interested in resting on her laurels. The Arizona native released a stand-alone single today (October 21) called “Man On The Moon” and it’s a psychedelic daydream of song with unexpected instruments, cicada-like harmonies and poetic lyrics.

“I had a dream that the sun in the sky was feeling so lonely he started to cry,” Zella begins the folky, upbeat anthem. “The rain on our windows kept us inside all of the morning and into the night.” It’s a four-minute trip to a different time and place where the colors are bright and the mood is light. Which is an impressive achievement in and of itself. “Man On The Moon” is being released on sparkly white 7″ vinyl on November 18 via B3SCI Records. Take a listen below.

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