Lady Gaga Talks To Howard Stern About ‘Joanne,’ Her Ex & Wardrobe Malfunctions

Carl Williott | October 24, 2016 5:07 pm

Even if the new album has proven to be divisiveLady Gaga‘s Joanne release week has been pretty spectacular for her from a #content perspective: the Bud Light-sponsored bar shows, the Saturday Night Live performance, the Apple Music ad, the Zane Lowe interview. And earlier today she sat down with Howard Stern to discuss her latest era.

They talked about the album inspirations, her old relationships, the NFL, her time in a Led Zeppelin cover band and, naturally, vagina glue.

On locking down the Super Bowl gig: “The NFL wanted to hear the new record… and it was the record that sealed the deal.”

On how the death of Joanne Germanotta impacted Gaga’s life: She explains Joanne was sexually assaulted in her dorm room in college, which caused a lupus flareup that ultimately led to her death. “I never understood why my father drank so much and why he was so angry and why he was so overprotective…I always thought it was my fault. So this album for me was about healing the wounds of being a young woman growing up in a tough family and figuring that out.”

On the inspiration behind “Million Reasons”: It’s about all the men in her life. “It’s never just about the guy. It’s always about that guy, the guy before him…”

On her favorite Led Zeppelin song to sing: “Black Dog.”

On her cordial relationship with ex Taylor Kinney: “I hate to sound like a hippie but I kind of am one and so is he. We love each other, that’s it,” she said, adding that he’s been very supportive of the personal new material.

On “The Vault”: She keeps all her outfits and accessories locked away in The Vault, but she never visits because it would feel too much like “a funeral.”

Hear the highlights below.