Hear A Preview Of A New Justin Bieber Song

Carl Williott | October 26, 2016 2:29 pm

Justin Bieber‘s relationship with his UK fans during his recent tour stops has been hot and cold. For about a week of shows he was chewing them out for screaming during his set, but he’s also been stopping by some local places for impromptu face time with fans. Last night (October 25), after his show at Manchester Arena, he treated some to a surprise visit at a nightclub for its weekly student night.

While there, he took the aux cord and played a new song which is allegedly called “Close To You.” The phones were out and a snippet of it was shared on Twitter — pretty much the same way that snippet of his reggae song ended up online back in August — and while it’s tough to distinguish, this one sounds like a ballad with some sort of buildup.

Hear it below.