Melanie Martinez’s ‘Cry Baby Milk Perfume’ Commercial Is Utterly Nuts

Mike Wass | October 26, 2016 4:17 pm
Melanie Martinez Interview
We speak to Melanie about concept albums and the future travails of Cry Baby.

Melanie Martinez captured lightning in a (baby) bottle with her debut LP, Cry Baby. The ambitious concept album, which follows the twisted adventures on the titular toddler, debuted at number 6 on the Billboard 200 and stayed in the top 50 for close to a year. A key factor in its popularity — apart from the excellent music and steady stream of amazing videos — is the 21-year-old’s unique style. Which falls somewhere between retro chic and adult baby. You can now dive deeper into the break-out star’s world by dousing yourself in her signature smell.

And, as expected, Cry Baby Milk Perfume, isn’t your average fragrance. For starters, it comes in a milk bottle and boasts a fabulously demented video. Melanie sits on a sofa, surrounded by creepy dolls and stuffed toys, and sobs. That is until she sprays on a little perfume and then stares at the camera like a crazy woman. It’s hilarious and makes me want to order 20 bottles. But what does it smell like? Here’s the product description:

Sweet and nostalgic, Cry Baby Perfume Milk captures the spirit of the girl who is playfully innocent, but conceals an irreverent edge. The first impression is a complicity of dark fruity notes, while strawberry milk and a lipstick accord are layered to contrast the dark fruits. The heart of, Cry Baby Perfume Milk invites you to experience innocent darkness while Melanie’s childhood memories are evoked through a soft, nostalgic baby lotion accord. Feminine yet mischievous and unapologetic, the base of the fragrance is wrapped in a sweet layer of burnt caramel complimented by a blend of sinister woods.

You can now smell like a fruity newborn for the bargain price of $49.95! Order the ultimate Christmas gift here.

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