Shakira’s Collab With Black M Is Better Than The Awful Cover Suggests

Mike Wass | October 27, 2016 4:08 pm
Shakira Teams Up With Maluma For "Chantaje"
Dream team! Shakira teams up with fellow Colombian superstar Maluma.

Let’s just get this out of the way. “Comme Moi” has the ugliest cover I have ever seen. I don’t want to drag it too harshly in case it was drawn by a bunch of school kids, but there’s no excuse for this mess. Shakira looks like a Bratz doll that’s been left in the sun for too long and one of Black M’s eyes is alarmingly bigger than the other. On the bright side, the collab is a bi-lingual bop. “I never meant to do you harm, don’t ever want to see you cry again,” the Colombian superstar purrs. “Everybody hurts sometimes.”

It’s a warm hug of a song that makes you feel a little better about life while shaking your (truthful) hips. So, who is Black M? Well, he’s a French rapper of Guinean descent who experienced huge success with debut LP, Les Yeux Plus Gros Que Le Monde in 2014. “Comme Moi” is from the follow-up and the album is probably worth checking out if this is any indication. In other Shakira news, her second collaboration of the week, the Maluma-assisted “Chantaje,” drops tomorrow (October 28). Listen below.

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