The Drake-Kid Cudi Feud Just Escalated

Carl Williott | October 28, 2016 2:26 pm

Kid Cudi is in rehab, but even there he got word that Drake dissed him in his new song “Two Birds, One Stone,” with the line “You were the man on the moon, now you go through your phases.” Today, Cudi invited Drake to say such things to his face.

Many saw Drake’s shot as being in poor taste, since Cudi is currently in a mental health facility for depression. Not sure when taste became a factor in rap beef, but hey, strange times right!

Cudi started the whole thing back when he went on a Twitter rant about rappers who don’t write their own material, singling out Drake and Kanye West. West responded a few days after the initial comments, but then clarified that he and Cudi are cool. This week, Kanye even did a little tribute to him at his Saint Pablo show.

I dunno about you, but Cudi vs. Drake seems like a much more compelling battle than Meek vs. Drake, which tells you how much actual rapping matters in a rap beef these days. Similar lane, similar fan bases, social media focus, Kanye ties. This could get interesting.

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