Chloe Lattanzi Drops Debut LP ‘No Pain’ (After Decade+ Delay)

Mike Wass | November 1, 2016 3:38 pm

Chloe Lattanzi has finally released her (more than a) decade-in-the-making debut LP, No Pain! The 30-year-old announced that she was following her mother, pop legend Olivia Newton-John, into the music business in the early ’00s. The budding diva signed with Warner Australia and I first heard demos from the project, which was then called Lonely Nights In Paradise, way back in 2003. The album was promoted, but ultimately scrapped when Chloe’s battle with body dysmorphia came to light.

The persistent singer then started posting songs on Myspace in 2007 and joined the cast of MTV’s Rock The Cradle — a short-lived talent show for famous offspring — in 2008. That was supposed to be the launching pad for version 2.0 of the album, but life got in the way. Again. Since then, we’ve been blessed by the occasional stand-alone single (2010’s “Wings And A Gun” and 2011’s “Play With Me”) and a club-conquering duet with her mom. But none of those tracks rival the greatness of those early demos. Which makes the fact that No Pain is largely comprised of mid-’00s material like “Lonely Nights” and “Make It Stop” a very happy surprise!

As I wrote back in 2007, Chloe has a distinctive voice and, more importantly, something to say. Take the still shocking “Delicious” — a dark and disturbing song about the pop star’s battle with anorexia. She sings about wasting away and pleads for help over murky beats. “Sad City” is another example of misery-pop done right. The late-bloomer comes at music from a unique angle, which I appreciate. “I’m so happy and exited I’m crying!” Chloe wrote on Facebook this morning. “I can’t believe after all these years I’m releasing this.” Download your copy of the almost-lost album here. Hopefully, this is the start of bigger and better things!

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