Justin Timberlake Tells ‘Variety’ His New Album Material “Punches You Between The Eyes”

Carl Williott | November 1, 2016 3:35 pm

It’s hard to believe that after a seven-year wait, during which time it wasn’t even clear if Justin Timberlake would ever return to music and follow up FutureSex/LoveSounds, we could possibly get a new JT LP just four years after he offered up a double album. Timberlake already revealed he’s working on his next full-length with Pharrell, Timbaland and Max Martin, and in a new cover story with Variety he details the project a bit more.

“I wouldn’t say [my new material] is the antithesis of 20/20, but it does sound more singular,” he told the magazine. “If 20/20 sounded like it literally surrounds your entire head, this stuff feels more like it just punches you between the eyes.”

As for a timetable? “I think everyone I’m working with right now knows that I’m notorious for being like, ‘Yeah let’s work. I have no idea when I’ll put it out, though.’ I’ll put it out when it’s done — when it feels right.”

Pharrell did give an indication of how far into the process they are, though. “Songwise, I think we’ve got a good solid six that are like, ‘Whoa, what was that? Play that again,'” the producer explained, adding that Timberlake is really beginning to master how to channel honesty and vulnerability in his music.

There’s plenty more insight into his creative process and how his partnership with Timbaland works so well, but the most interesting non-JT tidbit came when Max Martin discussed “Can’t Stop The Feeling.” Even after all those smash hits, the Swedish super-producer still has doubts whenever one of his new songs is released: “I personally am always nervous and paranoid before a song comes out — if it’s going to work or not.”

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