Did Lana Del Rey Register A New Song?

Carl Williott | November 2, 2016 10:14 am

Lana Del Rey‘s third proper album, Honeymoon, is just over a year old, but she appears to be making progress on her next project. In March, she was already back in the studio, and now DIY points out that some stans noticed one Elizabeth Grant (Lana’s real name) registered a new song called “Wild Side” with ASCAP’s music publishing directory ACE Repertory.

Here’s a screenshot in case it vanishes:

Greg Banks is listed as the co-writer. So about this Banks fella. He has 479 songs listed in ACE, none of which I’m familiar with. They’re all published by Houston-based The Write Time Media 1984. So either Lana stumbled upon some prolific unknown, or this is some sort of mixup.

Adding to the confusion, a Philadelphia radio DJ recently said there was a new Lana album coming this month.


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