Hey Violet Come Into Their Own On “Guys My Age”

Mike Wass | November 2, 2016 6:56 pm
Hey Violet's "This Is Why"
Hey Violet is the first act to sign with 5SOS' Hi Or Hey Records. Listen to their debut.

For a band fronted by a teenager, Hey Violet has gone through more than its fair share of upheaval. After starting out as a pop/punk outfit called Cherri Bomb, the group underwent a line-up change and a sonic overhaul before signing to 5 Seconds Of Summer’s Hi or Hey Records. But don’t let that put you off. The group has continued to refine their sound and now falls somewhere between The Go-Go’s and early No Doubt on the female-fronted pop/rock spectrum. Which is obviously a very good thing. Recent EP, Brand New Moves, was a step in the right direction, but new single “Guys My Age” is even better.

As ruthless as it is catchy, the track is a musical fuck-you to an ex-boyfriend — complete with cutting lyrics and a killer chorus. “I haven’t seen my ex since we broke up, probably ’cause he didn’t wanna grow up,” frontwoman Rena Lovelis seethes. “Now I’m out and wearing something low-cut, ’bout to get attention from a grown up.” Take that! The track has already been warmly embraced by pop radio (top 50 and climbing) and is sure to get a boost from the dark and dreamy video, which was filmed at California’s Madonna Inn and Pink Motel. Watch up top.

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