Tinashe To Release ‘Nightride’ Project, Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

Carl Williott | November 3, 2016 1:09 pm

After posting mysterious teases on social media in recent days, Tinashe is releasing “full-length project” Nightride tomorrow (November 4), which is another curveball in the long and winding tale of her sophomore effort Joyride.

New full length project available everywhere at midnight #NIGHTRIDE

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This is good news, in that we’re getting a collection of new Tinashe music that will end this shotgun-blast strategy of tossing out random, directionless singles. Progress, people. So is this a mixtape? Is this her actual Aquarius follow-up, or is that release so far off that fans need a fully-realized holdover to fill the gap? Or maybe we’ll get some sort of EndlessBlonde-style surprise double drop.

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The 15-track effort is a mix of new material and previously released songs like “Company,” “Ride of Your Life” and “Party Favors” — but “Superlove” is left off, suggesting it’ll be saved for the LP. Check out the full tracklist below.

1. Lucid Dreaming 2. C’est La Vie 3. Sunburn 4. Binaural Test 5. Sacrifices 6. Company 7. Soul Glitch 8. You Don’t Know Me 9. Spacetime 10. High Speed Chase (Interlude) 11. Ride of Your Life 12. Party Favors 13. You Can Stay Here Tonight (Interlude) 14. Touch Pass 15. Ghetto Boy