Bridgit Mendler 2.0 Gains Momentum With “Do You Miss Me At All”

Mike Wass | November 3, 2016 7:38 pm

Bridgit Mendler relaunched in August with a hazy track called “Atlantis.” While impressive as a statement of intent, it was perhaps a little too far removed from the radio-friendly anthem “Ready Or Not” and “Hurricane.” She got the alt bit right but forgot about the pop. The 23-year-old rectifies that situation today (November 3) with the adorable “Do You Miss Me At All.” The production is still weird and wonderful, but the catchy chorus and relatable lyrics make it more accessible.

What’s it all about? “I wrote ‘Do You Miss Me At All’ while I was driving around Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, missing a boy,” Bridgit reveals without explaining how she penned lyrics while steering a vehicle. “Missing someone can be a solitary feeling. You don’t always know that the person on the other end feels the same way. This song was my way of coping with the radio silence.” Get ready for the evolving diva’s upcoming Nemesis EP (due November 18) by pressing play below.