Beyonce To Perform At Jay Z’s Concert Tonight In Support Of Hillary Clinton

Robbie Daw | November 4, 2016 9:49 am

Beyonce is guiding her loyal Bey Hive to the polls to support Hillary Clinton. The Lemonade diva is said to be joining husband Jay Z, per a CBS source, at a concert in Cleveland tonight (November 4) aimed at mobilizing black voters in the swing state of Ohio to vote for the Democratic nominee on November 8.

Meanwhile, with the election literally only four days away, Clinton will be rallying at Cleveland State University today with one of her biggest pop supporters, Katy Perry, in tow.

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If you live and die by pre-election polls, things are looking extremely close as to whether Clinton or Republican nominee Donald Trump will take Ohio come Tuesday. There’s no word yet on whether Scott Baio, the cast of Duck Dynasty or any other F-list Trump surrogates will be staging a gig similar to Jay Z’s to support their dictator.

Guess it’s too bad Aaron Carter and Azealia Banks came to their senses. Oh well.

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