Vote For 2016’s Best Albums (Part 1): January Through June Releases

Robbie Daw | November 7, 2016 1:53 pm

My fellow Americans, the most important voting decision of the year is now upon us: Idolator’s readers’ poll for for the best album of 2016! Okay, okay — so you probably want to sort out who’s going to be the next official President Of The United States on Tuesday (November 8), also. But let’s just take one moment of your time away from the nasty, bruising US election to lighten things up and get your take on who released the best set of tunes in the first half of the year.

Don’t worry, we’ll be getting to the albums released in the second half  of 2016 soon. (Think Joanne, Blonde, A Seat At The Table, Glory etc.) For now, though, we’re just focusing on the LPs released between January and June. We’re fairly certain both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would approve of this poll. Well, maybe not Trump — he’s kind of a fuckwad.

Note: As this is a two-part poll, it’s also a two-part process. Once you vote, we also want you to leave your thoughts  in the comments below on why you chose that particular album. We’ll be sifting through your feedback and including it in our final write-up containing your top selections for the Best Albums Of 2016. So let your voice be heard, pop pickers!

Ain’t democracy grand? Alright — let’s get to it.

[poll id=”1829″]

Don’t forget: After you vote, leave a blurb below on why you chose the album you picked. We’ll be using several of the comments from readers in our write-up once all the votes are in!