LP’s “Lost On You” Has Already Conquered Europe: Is America Next?

Mike Wass | November 8, 2016 7:28 pm
LP's "Lost On You" Video
LP's "Lost On You" video is a gloriously gloomy and evocative affair.

LP currently has the 18th biggest song in the world according to iTunes. Gut-wrenching ballad “Lost On You” has already topped the charts in eight countries (including France, Greece and Israel), but you won’t hear it on US radio. At least not yet. While the song was officially released in June as part of the singer/songwriter’s Death Valley EP, it’s hard to imagine it not getting a second chance. “Lost On You” is a proven hit, deftly taps into the resurgence of emo songwriting and is the perfect soundtrack for the winter blues.

The 35-year-old, who has penned songs for Rihanna and Christina Aguilera, is capitalizing on her European success with 4th LP, Lost On You. The album is comprised of songs from her Death Valley EP as well as 2012 single “Into The Wild” and four new tracks. “Europe! Pre-order my new album ‘Lost On You’ (out Dec 9) & get 4 songs now!” she tweeted last week. “Everyone else, I’m coming for you next.” Hopefully, that includes another US campaign. See the tracklist of her new opus below.

LP’s Lost On You tracklist:

1. Muddy Waters
2. No Witness
3. Lost On You
4. Up Against Me
5. Tightrope
6. Other People
7. Into The Wild
8. Strange
9. Death Valley
10. You Want It All

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