New Find: KREAM & Clara Mae’s “Taped Up Heart” Is A Moody Bop

Mike Wass | November 9, 2016 3:47 pm

After making waves with a string of epic remixes (their overhaul of Tove Lo’s “Talking Body” is a good place to start), Norwegian duo KREAM has a hit on their hands with “Taped Up Heart.” The dreamy dance anthem has caught fire on Spotify — currently sitting just outside the app’s top 100 streamed songs globally — and is a fairly safe bet to soar a lot higher. What’s the appeal? Well, the Slettebakken brothers deftly combine emotional lyrics with a dreamy soundscape whittled out of fluttery synths and a killer bass-line.

“I bet that she’s beautiful and there is no doubt she’s all that you wanted, the queen of the crowd,” Swedish diva Clara Mae (she was in a late incarnation of Ace Of Base) laments. “I bet your friends love her ’cause she’s always so fun and the worst thing of all is I used to be that one.” This is where it gets a little dark/very relatable. “All I wanna do is go to sleep with my taped up heart and my open bottle.” In a post-Chainsmokers world, there’s no reason why this can’t find favor with pop radio. Listen to the hypnotic anthem below.

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