Lorde Is Listening To Her New Album On Crappy Headphones To Replicate The Fan Experience

Carl Williott | November 15, 2016 1:13 pm

OK it’s clear Lorde is primed to make a big comeback in early 2017 (or perhaps as a surprise finish to this dreadful year?). She’s been sporadically updating fans about the status of her sophomore album, but now she seems to be in the home stretch: Last week she said “the party is about to start” and explained the Pure Heroine follow-up is about her journey to adulthood, and today she tweeted a message about listening to the LP.

“Listen to the record on these every day. wanna hear it exactly how you will,” she tweeted, referring to a photo of her earbuds. Very savvy.

Rihanna pulled a similar tease on Twitter this year, just three days before dropping Anti — not that that rollout should be a reference point for any other pop albums. But the point is, get ready to party with Lorde soon.