Iggy Azalea Urged To Apologize & Donate To Animal Charity After Posing With Elephant

Robbie Daw | November 16, 2016 12:49 pm

Last week, there was a bit of a ruckus when French Montana posted photos on Instagram of an elephant doing tricks at his birthday party. The rapper’s girlfriend Iggy Azalea was in attendance, and also posed with the captive mammal, which had several alarmed followers of the pair expressing outrage via their comments on the pics.

Cut to nearly a week later, and now a Care2 petition urging Azalea to apologize for posting the photo and donate to an animal charity is gaining momentum.

“The elephant was ‘hired’ for French’s birthday,” the petition states. “In the photo, it has jewels – which, ironically, resemble chains, wrapped around it’s ankles and head. Iggy can be seen petting its trunk and admiring it. Let’s be clear – exotic animals are not sideshow attractions or birthday party entertainment. Iggy Azalea should use her platform to encourage education on animals, especially elephants, who face grave threats from human intervention in the wild.”

One Twitter user admonished Montana by tweeting at him, “elephants lives matter that’s so horrible miss treat these gentle creatures for the benefit for your jollys smh wow.” This prompted the MC to respond, “Shut yo ass up that elephant was a surprise for my bday in my yard when I walked out and was from the zoo and people that take care of it.”

Needless to say, Care2 probably won’t be getting an apology out of him anytime soon. As for the organization’s petition aimed at Iggy Azalea, it now has 9,020 supporters — just 980 shy of its goal of 10,000.

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“People in the media have an obligation to use their platforms for education and advocacy,” writes Vivian Nicks, the author of the Care2 petition. “Iggy Azalea set a horrible example for how animals should be utilized and treated. We should be encouraging education of elephants, not using them as party favors for birthdays and events.”

Care2 is the same organization that the #FreeKesha movement sprung out of. There was also a Care2 petition earlier this year asking Mariah Carey not to hire baby elephants and white tigers to perform at her since-called-off wedding.

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