Fergie Opens Up About Her Delayed Comeback LP In Facebook Live Chat

Mike Wass | November 22, 2016 6:39 pm

Fergie relaunched her comeback a couple of weeks ago with new single “Life Goes On” and she’s now upping the promo with an hilarious Facebook Live Chat, which was held at the Facebook LA office. The Dutchess revealed her childhood nickname (Spacey Stacy) and hidden talent (let’s just say Josh Duhamel is a lucky man), but finally got around to the elephant in the room — her long-delayed sophomore LP. “I am so ready for this album to come out you have no idea,” she began. “I’ve turned it in. It’s done and it’s coming out the beginning of the year.”

“I’m sorry it’s taken so long, to those of you who have been waiting, I just got a kid and a husband and I need sleep and I just really cared about it,” Fergie continued. “But I hope it will be worth it. A lot of it is really autobiographical and, you know, I had four albums with [Black Eyed Peas], but that’s really not the time and place to air out some of my own personal feelings and thoughts and emotions. So my second album is the place for me to do so, so there’s a lot of emotion.”

What can we expect direction-wise? “[I’ve] put blood, sweat and tears into this album and there’s personal stuff, there’s pop stuff, hip-hop stuff, throwback stuff — I always like a little throwback — some reggae, ballads, fun, silly, all of the above,” the 41-year-old revealed. “So it’s kind of, I’m going to use the word ‘cornucopia’ again because it’s thanksgiving time.” Watch Fergie’s full Facebook Live chat below.

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