Rita Ora’s New LP Is Still Happening & She Has A Snippet To Prove It

Mike Wass | November 23, 2016 3:37 pm
Rita Ora's Album Is Almost Done
Here's some good news for Rita Ora fans! The Brit's second album is almost done.

Rita Ora’s sophomore album feels like a myth or urban legend at this point. The Brit has been working on the opus since 2013, but faced several setbacks including Calvin Harris taking back all the songs he produced when they broke up and several misfiring lead singles (“Poison” and “Body On Me”). She promised the project was back on track in an interview with the Evening Standard in September and confirmed its existence on BBC Radio 1 this morning (November 23) by playing a snippet of a new track.

“I’m most excited about this record,” Rita raved. “I’ve been working on it for nearly two years. I’ve just been in a really crazy musical state, now to be in a really comfortable environment and grow up in my own skin, to put music out and write my own things.” What can we expect from the album? “You know I’ve really used a lot of live instrumentation and I’ve written everything on my record,” she brags. “It’s just a very organic, authentic album.” The “Black Widow” hitmaker then played a couple of seconds of a new song for listeners. Listen below.

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