Vote For 2016’s Best Albums (Part 2): July Through December Releases

Robbie Daw | December 1, 2016 1:37 pm

It’s time to face a chilling reality: It’s December, and winter is literally upon us. But before we lose your attention span to the holidays, it’s time to vote in part two of our annual readers’ poll on the year’s best albums.

Last month we presented you with the first part of the poll on the best albums of 2016 — one where we had you vote on your favorite releases from January through June. (Gwen Stefani was the hands-down winner in that round.) Now it’s time for part two, where you have free reign to help determine which LPs released between July and December of 2016 are the best. There are plenty to choose from, so let’s just get to it below, shall we? As usual, when all is said and done, we’ll tally up the results from both polls and sort out what Idolator readers deem to be their 10 favorite records from 2016.

Note: As this is a two-part poll, it’s also a two-part process. Once you vote, we also want you to leave your thoughts in the comments box below on why you chose that particular album. We’ll be reading all of your feedback and including some of it when we post the Best Albums Of 2016 Readers’ Poll results.

So get to voting below, then remember to write out why your fave deserves to be in our year-end roundup of 2016’s best albums!

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Don’t forget: After you vote, leave a blurb below on why you chose the album you picked. We’ll be using several of the comments from readers in our write-up once all the votes are in!