Taylor Swift Is The Highest Paid Celebrity In The World

Carl Williott | December 1, 2016 3:14 pm

Forbes, the official publication for ranking rich people by richness, has deemed Taylor Swift the world’s highest paid musician of 2016. Her $170 million haul puts her at the top of the musician list, and also makes her the highest paid celebrity overall.

One Direction is next up with $110 million, and Adele‘s $80.5 million puts her at third. The totals take into account music sales, touring and endorsements (for Taylor that means Apple, Diet Coke, Keds and more). In the age of streaming, Adele is the rare bird that makes most of the money from actual sales.

Earlier today it was also announced that Drake was the most streamed Spotify artist for the second straight year. So if he and Taylor really do link up on a collaboration, the commercial impact will be colossal.

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