Tove Lo’s Year Of Pussy Power

Carl Williott | December 5, 2016 10:00 am

When it came to toying with sex’s role in pop music, Tove Lo had 2016 covered from top(less) to bottom. No mainstream artist was more forward and confrontational with their own sexuality than the Swedish singer this year. But what made her stand out wasn’t necessarily the amount of skin she was showing. It was that, in a world saturated with butts and breasts, she focused on the vagina, from the title of her album to the racy video content. It’s reasonable to think that if Grimes hadn’t beaten her to it back in 2012, she would’ve sold pussy rings at the merch table, too.

So, to celebrate her proud embrace of the vagina at a time when having one is again seen as a threat, we present Tove Lo’s best pussy power moments from 2016.

1. When she made the O’s in her name look like vaginas

2. When she wore a uterus dress

CREDIT: Tove Lo's Instagram

3. When she got a tattoo of a vagina

PUSSY IS LIT #ladywood #forever thank youuu @lonsdaletattoo

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(Not to be confused with a vagina tattoo, which takes an entirely different kind of courage.)

4. When she starred in an extended masturbation scene

The last thing you see in the “Fairy Dust” short film is Tove Lo vigorously jacking off.

5. When she partnered with Snapchat for a vagina filter

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6. When she shared this political pussy post

you really don’t want that dick in the white house #vote photocred: @rainbowkimono

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7. When she wore this and called it a “vajacket”

My vajacket ✨ @annieandhannah 👯

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