Melanie Martinez’s 12th (!!) ‘Cry Baby’ Video Is Her Most Powerful Yet

Melanie Martinez Interview
We speak to Melanie about concept albums and the future travails of Cry Baby.

Melanie Martinez is now one video away from fulfilling her promise to release a visual for every song on her debut LP, Cry Baby. The 21-year-old’s visual album nears completion with “Mrs. Potato Head” — her 12th and most powerful video to date. What’s it all about? I’ll let the pop star explain in her own words. “[It’s] about feeling the need to change how you look to fit a certain standard, but the idea came from the visual of a Mrs. Potato Head and how you can pull apart the pieces and change her face, and how that couples with plastic surgery,” she told Vogue.

“When I wrote that song, I was going through a lot of personal insecurities about how I looked, and it was a reminder that I’m beautiful the way that I am, naturally, even when I don’t feel like it.” Melanie conveys that important message in a typically demented way. The video begins with the hitmaker in full adult-baby drag. She happens to catch an advertisement for diet pills on TV, which sets her on a path of self-loathing. Things get really twisted when we move into the future and Cry Baby (her alter-ego) is now being pushed into plastic surgery by her creepy lover. Watch the breathtakingly original clip up top and check out her last video below.

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