It’s Not Christmas Until You Have a Pooping Shakira Ornament

Carl Williott | December 5, 2016 9:57 am

This is a post about Shakira and poop. And Christmas. For just €16, you can order an ornament showing the Colombian star with her bare butt squatting over a pile of shit.

To  even come close to understanding this, you need to know that Shakira lives in Barcelona. Barcelona is in Catalonia, and Catalan Christmas skews scatological. They have the Tió de Nadal, or the mythical pooping log that evacuates candy for children, and you have caganers (“poopers”), kitschy ornaments depicting various celebs and newsmakers doing their business. According to Billboard, the fecal focus “originally symbolized fertilizing the Earth and bringing good luck for the coming year.” also has figurines of Madonna, Prince and Elton John. In other words, caganers for the whole family.