Watch Tegan And Sara Re-enact ‘Miami Vice’ As Puppets In Their “Dying To Know” Video

Rachel Sonis | December 8, 2016 10:57 am

Tegan And Sara are fervently sticking to their promise to create music videos for every song off their latest album, Love You To Death, and the latest track to get a visual treatment is “Dying To Know.”

Directed by Nathan Boey, the quirky clip sees the Quin sister reenacting a scene from the hit TV show Miami Vice. They cruise around in a white Lamborghini and even ride in a speedboat at points.  But here’s the catch – they’re puppets. Tegan Quin explains the concept a bit further to Billboard, who premiered the track.

“I remember thinking how cool it would be to have Sara and I remake the famous scene [from ‘Miami Vice’],” she said. “Sadly, neither of us can drive, nor did we have the time or funds to reshoot that famous scene in Miami. Instead we tapped director Nathan Boey in Vancouver to reshoot it using puppets! I think it might even be better with us as puppets than if we had been in it ourselves.”

Creative and economical.

Watch below via Billboard.

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