Beyoncé, Kanye West & More In Official Credits For Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’

Carl Williott | December 12, 2016 9:44 am

Back in September, some of the songwriting credits for Frank Ocean‘s Blonde surfaced at ASCAP, but an official listing of album credits had yet to be released until now. The full liner notes surfaced on Reddit, and they expand on both that September list and the initial roster of “contributors” that was in the Boys Don’t Cry zine.

Lean credited as a featured vocal on Frank Ocean – Godspeed

As Pitchfork points out, images of the liner notes of the limited Black Friday physical edition of Blonde were posted on Reddit. Most notably, Beyoncé is confirmed as a backing vocalist on “Pink + White” and Kanye West is listed as a co-writer on “White Ferrari.” Jon Brion is all over this thing, Jonny Greenwood arranged the strings on “Seigfried” and Jazmine Sullivan sings on the album.

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Some other notable takeaways: Amber Coffman is credited with additional vocals on “Nikes,” Yung Lean is on “Godspeed,” Kendrick Lamar is nowhere to be found in the credits for “Skyline To” and James Blake is no longer listed as a writer on “White Ferrari,” but he’s on a number of other songs.

Check out the images of the liner notes here and here.