50 Cent: “Golden Globes Can Suck A D*ck”

Carl Williott | December 12, 2016 3:56 pm

50 Cent, not one to mince words! That’s kinda how he got his whole start, though he’s chilled out in recent years as he’s become a bigger star/business mogul. But today all niceties were dropped when he lashed out at the Golden Globes after his Starz series, Power, was shut out of the nominations.

“I’m on the move again, Golden globe’s can suck a dick,” he wrote on Instagram this afternoon alongside a photo from a private jet. Power is the network’s most popular show, and 50 Cent executive produces and stars in it. But he was so ticked about the snub that he said he’d stop promoting it and threatened to leave because he’s “got other shit to do.”