Why, Kanye? Why?

Carl Williott | December 13, 2016 9:49 am

Kanye West recently voiced his support for Donald Trvmp during one of his live rants. Days later, he was admitted to the hospital for psychiatric help, so it was chalked up to whatever mental issues he was working through. Now he’s out, and has blonde hair…and is still cool with Trvmp.

This morning he was seen entering Trvmp Tower in New York, where the kleptocrat-elect has been taking meetings with allies and prospective members of his administration. Afterward, they briefly appeared in front of press together, with Trvmp saying they’ve “been friends for a long time” and that they discussed “life.” Kanye stayed silent, for once.

It’s unclear why exactly Kanye was there — probably to distract from the orange man’s proposed shady solution for his business dealings while he’s in office, or to distract from the orange man’s decision to have the State Department become a mouthpiece for Big Oil — but whatever it is, Kanye, dude, what the fuck right now?