Martin Shkreli Claims To Have Lil Wayne & Big Sean’s Unreleased Albums

Christina Lee | December 24, 2016 11:14 am
Big Sean's "Moves"
Big Sean has announced a new album, 'I Decided,' with a new song about making moves.

Oh, great — Martin Shkreli is back at it.

Apparently the bratty pharmaceutical CEO isn’t satisfied with having bought the only existing copy of Wu-Tang Clan‘s Wu-Tang Forever for a reported $2 million. On December 23 via Periscope, he played a snippet of an unreleased track from Lil Wayne, purportedly off his unreleased album Tha Carter VThen this morning, not even 48 hours after Big Sean announced his new album I Decided, Martin retweeted his announcement by saying, “Already have it. Fire.”

Shkreli hasn’t made clear how he supposedly obtained both albums. Tha Carter Vwhich Shkreli claims is a double-disc release, was announced back in 2012. Big Sean’s I Decided isn’t out until February 3. According to TMZ, though, the Lil Wayne track that he played is indeed off the long-delayed Tha Carter V. An unnamed source told the gossip blog that Weezy’s camp is launching an “internal investigation” to figure out how the unreleased music got in the Pharma Bro’s hands.

Let it be known that Shkreli gets a sick kick out of “collecting” rap music this way. Back in February, he claimed that he was able to purchase Kanye West‘s The Life of Pablo with an “exclusive ‘no-shop’ period” (read: only he gets to hear it) for $15 million — only for someone to have run away with his money in Bitcoin.

See Martin Shkreli play the unreleased Lil Wayne track below.

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