Watch Mariah Carey’s Trainwreck New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Performance

Robbie Daw | January 1, 2017 12:52 am

This probably wasn’t the type of publicity Mariah Carey was hoping for ahead of her upcoming joint tour with Lionel Richie.

The diva had a pretty plum spot on ABC’s New Years Rockin’ Eve lineup — the 10 minutes before midnight during the December 31 bash — but it became apparent pretty quickly that Carey was being thrown off by the lack of a backing track during her non-performance of “Emotions.”

Mariah gave up on letting her live vocals carry the tune pretty early on, and instead painfully stumbled around on stage asking, “Get these monitors on, please,” while her dancers attempted to make the best of the technical gaffe.

As if that wasn’t tragic enough, Mariah then had another song to perform, “We Belong Together,” which she managed to fumble (read: lip sync) through. By the end, a clearly agitated Carey quipped, “It just doesn’t get any better,” then walked off stage.

Clearly, Josh Groban was not impressed.

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