Kesha Says Her Plan For 2017 Is “Less Internet”

Rachel Sonis | January 4, 2017 9:58 am

As part of her New Year’s resolution, Kesha is staying off the Internet. Or least, she’s trying to. The singer took to Instagram to pen a heartfelt note to her fans, apologizing to people who she unfollowed (she only follows 8 people now) and explaining that she needs “a break from the screens.”

“I’m not disappearing, just trying to be less obsessed with the Internet,” she said in the post’s caption. “I have been reading about the emotional effects of social media and it seems that it may help my anxiety and depression if I am more present. less screens. less internet. life is one big experiment. let’s see how it goes. ”

Honestly, everyone could use a break from the Internet these days. So power to Kesha for doing this.

See the post below.

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